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What Does a Geriatric Care Manager Do?

The Geriatric Care Manager is a health and human services specialist who helps older adults and persons with disabilities reach and maintain their maximum functional potential. She is an experienced guide and resource for families of older adults and others with dementia, Parkinson’s and other chronic conditions and can provide a variety of needed services.

INFORMATION AND REFERRAL: Locate information and services for elders and family members.

ASSESSMENT AND PLANNING: Conduct initial and ongoing care planning assessment to identify problems and provide solutions. Review financial and legal issues and offer referrals to appropriate specialists.

MEDICAL CASE MANAGEMENT: Assist elders and their families with management of routine and complex medical problems.

PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: Assist with transitions for older adults moving from their home to: a retirement complex, an assisted living or residential care program, nursing home or other long-term care setting.

COUNSELING AND CRISIS INTERVENTION: Provide counseling and crisis intervention services during transitions, times of illness, and stressful family situations.

IN-HOME SERVICES: Provide coordination of comprehensive in-home services in order to keep an elder in their own home for as long as possible. Act as a liaison to families at a distance, overseeing care, and quickly alerting families to problems. May also provide guardianship assistance.

In providing these services, a Geriatric Care Manager is always responsible for identifying and articulating a client’s wishes, values and preferences so that these can be included in their current Plan of Care. At the same time, she must continue to clearly communicate any potential risks both to the client and/or designated decision-makers.

For questions to consider when deciding whether a Geriatric Care Manager can help you and your elder or disabled family member, click here.