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In-Home Services

ASSESSMENT AND PLANNING: Continuing assessment provides important information about an elder’s changing care needs. It includes evaluating their ability to stay at home based on cognitive functioning, physical mobility, and general quality of life. It makes it possible to plan appropriately for all the services that may be needed in the home.

COORDINATION OF IN-HOME AND COMMUNITY MEDICAL SERVICES: Effective coordination of home-based and community medical and rehabilitation services is an essential part of successfully maintaining an elder in their home. Working closely with providers and careful attention to scheduling and implementation of care plans and medical directives is critical.

HOME MANAGEMENT: Coordinating cleaning, routine maintenance and repairs, grocery shopping and other routine household tasks helps maintain a safe and comfortable living situation.

HOME FINANCES: Help with bills, banking, checkbooks, budgets and caregiver payrolls.

COORDINATION OF CAREGIVERS: Close coordination with agency caregivers, and supervision of private caregivers or live-in staff, provides consistent and well-coordinated services. Appropriate scheduling, regular in-service opportunities, and development of cohesive caregiver teams are important components of a stable, positive home environment.

QUALITY OF LIFE: Organizing home and community social, recreational, and physical activity opportunities for elders.